Make your term coverage even stronger

with an AARP Term Rider Protect Plus
from New York Life Insurance Company

Life changes all the time. Why shouldn't your life insurance keep up? This term rider is a great way to get added protection when you need it most.

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See your personal rate quote and choose your added coverage amount.

Adding a term rider can make a big difference for the people who depend on you.

It doesn't always take major changes or life events to make your coverage fall short. Consider your current coverage amount, and some of the things for which your loved ones may need funds for. Your coverage could be too low — especially with any changes in your finances and the cost of living going up over time. It's easy to see why adding a term rider might be the smartest move for you and your loved ones.

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Get up to DOUBLE your coverage ... or choose what's right for you.

You know what works best for you, your loved ones, and your budget. So choose the added amount that makes the most sense for your unique needs.

It's so easy to apply - no medical exam, just health information.

You can apply in a few minutes, all from home. Acceptance is based on your answers to a few health questions, and other information you provide or give us permission to obtain.

It's all billed right along with your current term coverage. One easy payment to manage.

To keep things easy, the added premium will be billed right on the same invoice or automatic payment you currently pay. Rate increases for the rider also occur at the same five-year age bands as your existing term coverage.

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Keep the coverage until age 80. Or exchange it for whole life and keep it as long as you live.

This added group protection is designed to be there when you're likely to need it most. Just pay premiums when due, make sure your application doesn't have any material misrepresentations about your medical history, and keep your current term insurance in place.

Need the added coverage for longer? Exchange it for permanent life insurance at any time. Your rate will be based on your age at that time.

Get the important added coverage features you can count on.

This rider includes a living benefit that lets you get up to half your benefit amount if diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a life expectancy of 24 months or less.1 And it provides a waiver of premium for certain qualified nursing home confinements ordered by your doctor. Your premiums will be waived after 180 consecutive days of a doctor-ordered nursing home stay.2

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Questions about Term Rider Protect Plus? See our Frequently Asked Questions for answers.

Exclusion: If death results from suicide within the first two years, benefits will not be paid. For Missouri and North Dakota residents, the suicide exclusion applies for one year. In Washington, specific state rules apply.

1 Please note that receipt of “living benefit” (accelerated death benefit) insurance proceeds may affect your eligibility for public assistance programs. Proceeds may be taxable. You may wish to consult your financial adviser and/or attorney to determine how this may affect your personal situation. Premiums will be lower when the benefit amount decreases by one-half.

2 The nursing home must be primarily engaged in providing skilled nursing care under the supervision of a licensed physician. Nursing home does not include a home or facility used primarily for rest; for the care of drug addicts or alcoholics; for the care and treatment of mental diseases or disorders; or for custodial care.